dimanche 11 juin 2017


  • Dress : PurpleMoon "Amélie" (with hud colors) from event Swank
  • Collar : Rebellion "Delilah leather collar" (with hud colors) from event Swank
  • Shoes : KC "Dana" (with hud colors)
  • Hair : Truth "Deja"
  • Bracelet : RealEvil "Lux Kitty watch " (with hud colors)
  • Rings : RealEvil "Luxy"(with hud textures)
  • Eyes : Yeux Stores "Eyes Akura (DarkGreen)" from event Swank
  • Skin : WoW Skins "Temptation golden" from event Swank
  • Shape : WoW Skins "BENTO SHAPE Temptation" from event Swank
  • Body : Maitreya  " body Mesh Lara "

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